AMERICAN POLITICAL CULTURE - الثقافة السياسية الأمريكية



CHECKLIST OF necessary data
Check off every of the subsequent terms or names once you
are able to determine it and make a case for its significance.
1. divine right of kings
2. Athens legislature
3. Kent State affair
4. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
5. plessy v. Ferguson (1896)
6. taken for granted truths
7- prospects of democracy
8. Animal type.
9. Henry Martyn Robert Micheis
10. civil rights cases
11. segregation
12. granddaddy take a look at
13. Central American country Allende
14. Angelina and wife Crimke
15. Eugene -ccarthy
16. honesty
17. ignorance
18. war protests





Democratic politics, although uncommon within the world, is
likely to develop in affluent, extremely educated societies with
a large socio-economic class wherever there general belief in
democratic values. A country's political culture--attitudes
relating to the processes and establishments of politics--is cru-
cial to the event of a democracy.
The traditional 18th-century liberal creed in America placed
high price on ideas of individualism, liberty, equality,
an society, the rule of law, and limits on government.
Those values square measure clearly advocated by trendy
conservatives and, to a rather lesser extent, by new
liberals (who, tend to put larger trust within the ability of
goverment to resolve the issues of the poor). Unlike
other industrial and democratic societies, the united
States has well-tried a poor soil for socialist values and a
socialist party.. this could result to the nation's richness,
its diversity, its acceptance of liberal ideas, the degree of
violence directed against yank radicals, or the shortage of flame the reason for philosophical system.
the reason for socialism
Significant problems to flame the reason for soci
The liberal creed and its values square measure typically,
American society. square measure the item of di
intolerance, and disputes square measure typically solve
means. Democracy is defended abro
demonstrated toward the unfortunates of
are typically unrealized in
best of discrimination and
are typically solved  through violent
defended abroad and unselfishness
rd the unfortunates of the globe, but
ported if they're
Americans feel thus powerfully concerning
undemocratic regimes square measure supported if th
anticommunist. Some Americans feel thus powerfully
their spiritual beliefs that they commit to force their sence
of morality upon others.
American culture may be a mix; some components tend to support
democratic practices of the liberal creed et al don't
In comparison with the u.  s. , Swedish society is as
democratic or additional democratic.
1- political Culture and Democratic Values. A num
of factors contributes to the event of a demo
political system, together with richness, high
education, the presence of enormous middle fille, and a
democratic values. Of special significance five Associate in Nursing Culture. Political culture refers to the Fontical culture" refers to the
It of a democratic


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